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the names Symone. My Jamaican mother, and Canadian father gave me a French name. Maybe thats where I get it from, but I would consider myself unique. Atleast I hope so. I don't change who I am for others. I'm 13 until september, in the 8th grade and cant wait until highschool and have brown curly hair. I run cross country and play basketball. I'm very passionate about both. In other words, try and steal the ball from me in basketball, and expect it to turn into a wrestling match =p. I'm a CHRISTIAN, but respect any of your faiths. I'm not a mean person at all, although people say I have an attitude when I play basketball. But thats a different story. I get out my anger in running and basketball. I have one brother Zak who I really do love, and surprisingly always get along with. I like TV and AIM, yes I can be a lazy bum, but usually I'm working out. I live in Sunny Florida and love it here, although it sucks the motherload when youre outside running. I don't like guys that are jerks. They're just so annoying arent they? If I'm going to date a guy they're usually outgoing, funny, butstill sincere good people. I listen to indie-alternative music. My favorite bands are RADIOHEAD ++ interpol. I hate rap. It's so useless, right? I dont like people who are naive ignorant unaware of their inconsiderateness or people who are cocky. They're all such turn offs. Sometimes I'm sarcistic, but I'm totally just kidding. Some people take me seriously, dont. I hate people who are just plain mean, but go around as if they are so innocent and dont understand why people are mean back to them. My favorite show is VERONICA MARS. Kristen Bell is my alltime favorite actress. I'm not too picky about others, but I don't like Nicole Richie. Sorry, she's wayy to vulgar, and not to mention, really needs to eat something.

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